Jens Hamn: my new camera              

January 16, 2016

my new camera

For a long time I wished to change my old Canon A1 was beginning to become faulty.
Often I threw pictures when scanning with my scanner as dark spots appearing on the images,
frustrating! Honestly I did not want a digital camera while I already had a very good canon 7D.
So I desired to continue to stay in the process of waiting for a roll and then develop the negatives and scan.
I wanted something simpler, more compact with a fixed lens and self-timer, operating at conventional batteries.
It had been several weeks since I watched for some time this model and I decided to order a site on this
beautiful little canon AF35MII! Today he arrived in a beautiful package, when Anna phoned me :

"Your camera has arrived!"

I was happy and excited, it brightened my day job.
Until now I'm impressed his great condition for its 1985, its weight and its triggering speed Well,
I have not had the chance to test properly.
I had two more rolls kodak kodachrome 25 and elite chrome 400
with which I can train myself but it would take a little patience.


  1. I wish you capture beautiful pictures with the camera. :)

  2. Such a nice looking camera Jens.. So is it a film camera? I really admire those who aren't tempted by digital. Digital is so much easier but not so rewarding I think.

    1. yes it is a film camera, I have always been attracted by this and the process that it brings and the beauty of the image. But I also practice digital ...

  3. I wish you good photo sessions with your new camera!

  4. Uma bela compra, tenho desejo de adquirir uma Canon, só não decidi o modelo.
    Eu tenho uma câmera digital Sony e sempre, preciso editar as fotos no PhotoScape.
    Adorei suas fotos, ficarei aguardando suas futuras fotografias.

    1. thank you for waiting! I did not change much my digital pictures, I add a little light, degraded colors when I can or contrast but just that

  5. Great camera!!!!
    Have a good week!!!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  6. Thanks for visiting and leaving such a lovely comment on my blog !
    Enjoy your new film camera !
    Have a nice week,

  7. Olá Jens.
    Vim agradecer e retribuir a sua visita ao meu blog.
    Vejo um trabalho fotográfico de muita qualidade por aqui.
    Grande abraço

  8. Great, Keep clicking.
    Thanks a lot for visiting my blog.