Jens Hamn: new year / new blog              

January 01, 2016

new year / new blog

  A year now that Anna and me we settled into our little house.
But I must admit that I have to try other than our everyday home and diy.
I like the photo, some years ago now that I'm interested in the analog and digital art humbly, but I do not think I have the talent of many artists I like to follow!
I never dared to publish my photos and I must be out of time,
but I do not own Facebook or Twitter and I really have difficulty in recognizing me in this.

I need something else, that's why I created this blog,
it is for me one of the best ways and a new adventure.
I do not pretend to writing a lot of text because I do not have the talent,
there will be a lot of pictures especially.

      Now, we are very tired after a night out with friends yesterday,
           we did not sleep much and today the work has exhausted us.
            I think we'll fall sleep and watching few episodes of The Walking Dead.

         Yes, we love making cakes, walks away from everything and zombie movies!


  1. Dear Jens, I don't really like zombie movies, but I like cakes and your new blog and I'm looking forward to see and read more about your art of photography and your and Anna's adventures!!!
    Have a wonderful and good 2016 and enjoy an enchanting time!!!
    Best wishes, Katrin :)

    1. thank for your sweet words katrin, and come back to here when you want!!