Jens Hamn: April 2016              

April 14, 2016

the monkey coffee

the time is running fast, we are already half of April
and unfortunately I can do not post as much as I want, I'm sorry for these sporadic updates.

but Anna and me have decided to redo our living room completely,
I thought it would have been faster however there is much to do !
and this is without counting the five layers of wallpaper already laid this is very difficult to remove,
but what's fun is to go back in time when we remove the layers haha !
The first dated at least from 1970 !
there are also some disadvantages as not having internet constantly, it is difficult to follow you
which is very frustrating !

I also search a new dice scanner that I have a little time.
thank has Carraol for giving me a serious way, you can visit her blog and admire these beautiful photos !

Here are some pictures of a place that we liked during our visit to Berlin, which is called the "monkey coffee".