Jens Hamn: January 2016              

January 30, 2016


This morning, two portraits of Anna in double exposure on a roll Superia hg 1600
and you discover to footer a translation module for you ! Have a nice week end!!

January 28, 2016


Tonight we do not do much Anna and me, after having cooked a soup "borchtch"
which is a very good soup with beetroot, we look at some photos in an album, when i say

 "It's been a month I created the blog "!

I've always wanted to show what i created,
because i think when you take pictures it's silly to leave them in a closet! haha

But i had difficulty choosing or making.
The social networks are too impersonal for me.
Maybe i will come one day but for now i chose Blogger, and this choice suits me fine!
When Anna lifted the question

"Blogs that still exist? there are not dead with Facebook and Twitter? "

Finally i realized that there was a huge community of bloggers!

I like to meet you,
you who are extraordinary in the everyday,
go around the world and discover lots of interesting people and not necessarily in the photo!
Of course i have some preferences
especially in the analog picture but I like to come and leave a nice note
on your creations and track your updates!
It is always a pleasure!
Thank you all !

I get sometimes comments which are not intended to be published here
and asked me where or can contact us Anna and me, you can here:

Please, i would like to meet you,
tell me a little more on you, who you are, what you do in life and your blog.
And if you have interesting blogs to share please give it too!

Here are some blogs that i like and that i let you discover, leave a word about their creations!

January 22, 2016

wait till the sun shines

Winter is beautiful, however I have a sadness that period is simply the lack of light.
When the sun sets very early and rises late, this does not give a lot of energy every day.
Sometimes even the sun does not rise at all, and we just want to stay under the covers all day.
A lady friend of Anna is come to house yesterday and she offered us these pretty flowers, it made us happy.
Reminding us that spring was finally not far, and it brought us energy.

(canon A1 + fuji superia hg 1600)

January 19, 2016

remenber July 4, 2011

I remember all these days or we took the time, the time of laziness,
stroll in bed eating cookies and listening to music.
These simple days when we were walking in the fields with the smell of freshly cut until sunset.
Time goes by too fast.

January 16, 2016

my new camera

For a long time I wished to change my old Canon A1 was beginning to become faulty.
Often I threw pictures when scanning with my scanner as dark spots appearing on the images,
frustrating! Honestly I did not want a digital camera while I already had a very good canon 7D.
So I desired to continue to stay in the process of waiting for a roll and then develop the negatives and scan.
I wanted something simpler, more compact with a fixed lens and self-timer, operating at conventional batteries.
It had been several weeks since I watched for some time this model and I decided to order a site on this
beautiful little canon AF35MII! Today he arrived in a beautiful package, when Anna phoned me :

"Your camera has arrived!"

I was happy and excited, it brightened my day job.
Until now I'm impressed his great condition for its 1985, its weight and its triggering speed Well,
I have not had the chance to test properly.
I had two more rolls kodak kodachrome 25 and elite chrome 400
with which I can train myself but it would take a little patience.

January 14, 2016


from summer 2014 (Canon eos 7D)

January 11, 2016

yellow orchid

(Canon A1 + fuji superia hg 1600)

January 10, 2016


(Canon eos 7D 35mm)

After his night job,
Anna and me went to buy some household appliances for our future kitchen.
A beautiful washing machine and a large fridge and a great brand dishwasher.
We spent one thousand and five hundred euros in two hours,
I was not too used to spend so much money in so little time.
But we have a lot of devices at good prices!
We are happy !

January 08, 2016

sunny morning

from spring 2014 (Canon eos 7D 42mm)

January 05, 2016

fall forest

from autumn 2015 (Canon A1 + fuji superia hg 1600)

January 03, 2016

cookie's day

It rained all day and it is very unpleasant to get up and see this.
This Sunday is sad especially in winter when it's cold and too early night, Anna has decided to make cookies.

January 01, 2016

new year / new blog

  A year now that Anna and me we settled into our little house.
But I must admit that I have to try other than our everyday home and diy.
I like the photo, some years ago now that I'm interested in the analog and digital art humbly, but I do not think I have the talent of many artists I like to follow!
I never dared to publish my photos and I must be out of time,
but I do not own Facebook or Twitter and I really have difficulty in recognizing me in this.

I need something else, that's why I created this blog,
it is for me one of the best ways and a new adventure.
I do not pretend to writing a lot of text because I do not have the talent,
there will be a lot of pictures especially.

      Now, we are very tired after a night out with friends yesterday,
           we did not sleep much and today the work has exhausted us.
            I think we'll fall sleep and watching few episodes of The Walking Dead.

         Yes, we love making cakes, walks away from everything and zombie movies!