Jens Hamn: February 2016              

February 29, 2016

illusory volume two

I like particularly the superposition with a analog camera!
Here two pictures taken in november 2015 with an end of Agfa Apx rolls.
During our stay in Berlin I was surprised how many stores
were selling rolls that are not easily found here and for a really cheap price!
I brought at home six rolls whose Agfa Apx and Kodak Gold 200.
Anna told me that I should have brought in more ...
Maybe you have it right!

February 26, 2016

back too soon

Berlin is a wonderful city! Artistically magic!
We are delighted with what we have seen and people we met.
Unfortunately it rained our entire stay, but that does not stop us to walk around.
We all appreciate our differences and amused.

Here are some photos taken at the airport,
I like the atmosphere of this place and imagine the lives
of the people that we encounter for a little moment.
But it was not easy to photograph because sometimes the light was very low
and I'm not used to that style.
But change can be good, you have to review!

Ps: I received a few emails during our absence thank, thank!!
I answer you very quickly!

February 17, 2016

welcome to berlin

Today we are excited Anna and me !
Because we leave for Berlin on thursday morning very early and this for five days 
the excitement of the plane and leave everything on site
is a sensation that we like!

We enjoy to discover this beautiful city very artistic,
personally I'm already traveled to germany specifically to Stuttgart
but this is the first time we go to Berlin.
I hope can take a lot of interesting pictures,
but I doubt because it is sometimes difficult to adapt when we are upset in his habits, haha
Any way my "Berlin Photo Package" is very light but enough.

Today was cleaning the house and preparing the suitcase.
I wish you in advance to have a nice week !!

February 12, 2016

sadness feeling

The wind and rain is very bad right now.
Here there is storm after storm and it really does not give the energy that should have normally.
Today Anna and me we stayed in bed all day, just take some photos and listen to music ...

But this moment of fleeting sadness will fly because we will go on a trip coming soon !
I will not mention the destination for the instant and give you information at the right moment !

Ah yes, I put a video of a music that we listen right now
"I want the world to stop"
this is the first time I'm doing this. Hoping you will like it !!
I wish all of you to have a nice weekend !