Jens Hamn: March 2016              

March 24, 2016

anna and the dream of the sea

we spent a few days at the seaside to enjoy the first days of spring!
It was very pleasant but slightly cold, feel the frozen wind on our faces and see supernatural landscape,
we like the winter sea !

My old camera Canon is crashed and will not operate at all, as my scanner it's really bad luck !
Fortunately I still have in my possession my other compact Canon
and it lacks me more than to find a new scanner used because nine is a little too expensive for us.
I'm already looking into the sites !

I also do some changes on the blog, change the banner that is more personal with the name of Anna,
there is a time that I thought and I enlarged the pictures for a better view too.
What do you think of these changes?

March 18, 2016

March 13, 2016

september's not so faraway

This week was quite challenging for us
and unfortunately my presence on the blog was a little sparse
Anna was sick with a high fever, but fortunately she is better now
your very kind comments for her, it made very happy ! thanks thanks thanks !!
we are very satisfied despite the tired because we finished our nice kitchen
although there is still some finishes to do and it's true that I didn't sleep much.
Very happy also because it is nearly the end of winter and coming the sweet spring light !

March 06, 2016

I wanted you to feel the same

The winter is not yet completely finished, but the light comes back and it's so nice to get up with the sun!
Some pictures from last summer when he was good and hot!
In recent days Anna is sick and stay in bed unable to go to work ...
I think these pictures and our song of the moment will do him good!
Have a good week everyone!